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In accordance with the charter of the Historical Commission, one of the goals of the Commission is to inventory all historic properties in town. Hundreds of our historic properties have already been inventoried because of the good volunteer work of our predecessors in the past.  So, in addition to having become part of the archives (Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System -MACRIS) of the Massachusetts Historic Commission (MHC), those records are available here at the Local Register of Historic Places under the Historic Assets tab. The Harvard Public Library and the Historical Society have the information as it was originally filed many years ago. But if you want to look at the ‘latest and greatest’, check our LOCAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES here!

We are continuing the research work to complete the historic inventories of the growing list of historic properties (75 years or older) that have not yet been inventoried. The completed survey will be an excellent research document for the public, as well as superb evidence of the rich history of our town.

We need your help!  Local homeowners and residents are likely to be our best–and sometimes only–source of information on these homes. In some cases, we have already gathered some information and are trying to verify or add to it. In others, we know little or nothing. We are asking you to tell us what you know about your house, both in the present as well as from the past. But you may wonder what are the advantages of getting your home listed in our Local Register.  Read this short two page document to find out why…

We are particularly interested in anything you can tell us about the history of the house, including stories and any other interesting or significant information about previous owners.  That would include who originally designed, built, and/or lived in the house, uses other than residential (such as shop, workshop, artist’s studio, etc.) and any other information that might be relevant about the property’s past. We would also like to know of any alterations and additions, or if the house was moved from a different location.

To help this process, we have an HHC Interview Questionnaire that you should use to provide us with the information about your property. Download the Questionnaire and respond to the questions using the same MS WORD .Doc file. When you are finished, send us the file and we will review it. Or you may send us a letter which answers as many of the questions in the interview as possible.

The Historical Commission is very grateful for your cooperation in this endeavor.


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