Do all changes require review?

No. The Commission only reviews work which affects the exterior appearance of a designated property or its setting.

Does the HHC review interior alterations?

The HCC reviews only the interior renovations and repairs that change the exterior of the building—for example, the relocation of exterior doors and windows.

Does the HHC review paint color?

Yes. The Commission can provide advice on period paint colors upon request.

Can I sandblast my building?

No. Sandblasting is extremely damaging to wood and brick surfaces and will not be approved. The HHC can advise about gentler cleaning methods.

Can I replace the windows?

Generally, original window sashes can be repaired and retained. If the sash must be replaced, the replacement should match the historic sash in size, operation, materials, configuration, number of lights, and detail. Window manufacturers offer a wide variety of factory-made windows appropriate for historic buildings.

Can I make changes to exterior siding?

The exterior siding must conform with the structure’s historic materials, textures, and appearance. Vinyl, aluminum, or other modern composition sidings are not appropriate for historic buildings. These artificial sidings can substantially alter the appearance of a building and can obliterate or hide details such as window and door surrounds, brackets, moldings, and other elements.

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