Susannah Daby

A Short Biography:   Susannah Daby, Harvard Shaker  (1717-1806)

by Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


Susannah Worster married Nahum Daby in 1767. They had one child before her husband died in 1771[1]. She thereby suffered the difficulty of raising and supporting her child unassisted.  Her natural mother Mary Worster had also lost her husband at age thirty-two leaving her with five children under twelve years of age to raise.[2] Mother Ann, having lost all four of her own children at a young age, was particularly sympathetic to widows and orphans.

[Mother Ann] spoke much to [heads of families, and people of property] of their duty in giving alms, and being kind and charitable to the poor, particularly to such widows and fatherless children who were among them[3].

Details of Susannah Daby’s life as a Shaker are few, and document her moves from one building to another. She had joined by 1791, and in that year lived with a family outside the village for several months before coming into the village[4], as was frequently done in the early decades of the village. In 1806, she moved to the Square House.[5] Her natural brother, Abijah Worster, served as a leader and was instrumental in shaping the community in the early years.




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