Mary Jewett

A Short Biography: Mary Jewett, Harvard Shaker  (1743-1814)

by Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


In 1779, Mary Cooper of Grafton married Aaron Jewett. She was frequently referred to as Mary Jr. as her husband’s mother was also named Mary. Before the Shakers arrived, both the Cooper and Jewett families had joined a New Light Baptist sect led by Shadrach Ireland in the northeast corner of Harvard, which became the site of the future Shaker village.[1] After Mother Ann arrived in Harvard in 1781, Mary and Aaron united with Mother Ann and the Elders, following their parents’ example. In the 1780’s, Mary’s three children, Abel Jr. (b. 1777), Aaron Jr. (b. 1779), and Daniel (b. 1781) were among the first children raised as Shakers. Abel Jr. led a productive life as a Shaker, dying in 1859. Aaron Jr. left the community in 1800. Daniel died of an illness in 1813.



[1] July, 13, 1826, Abijah Worster’s Biography, WRHS.VI.A.5






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