Mary Esther Crouch

A Short Biography: Mary Esther Crouch, Harvard Shaker  (1763-1826)

by Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


Mary Esther Crouch was the daughter of Mary and David Crouch, and united with the Shakers with the rest of her natural family in 1781 after Mother Ann and the First Elders arrived in Harvard. Both she and her mother, who shared the same name, are infrequently mentioned. In her later years she was called ‘Esther’. On one occasion her three day visit to the Shirley village was noted with a few other older Shakers.[1] She died on April 5, 1826 of phthisis[2].








[1] May 20 and May 24, 1822, Joseph Hammond Journals 1820-1826, FM 1.10, Shaker Manuscript Collection, Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA 01451.

[2] Ibid., April 7, 1826. Phthisis was an archaic name for either tuberculosis or systemic pulmonary condition.





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