Mary Crouch

A Short Biography:  Mary Crouch, Harvard Shaker  (1725-1814)

by Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


Mary Crouch and her husband David were the parents of five children who worked hard to build the Harvard village:  Jonathan, Mary Ester, Patience, Caleb, Moses. Their oldest son David Jr., joined the Shirley Shakers. Their daughter Patience was the first to join shortly after the Shakers arrived in 1781. Mary, initially opposed to the Shakers, accused Patience of disobedience to her.  Patience responded that it was her duty to obey her heavenly parents rather than her earthly parents in matters of faith.[1] Within a few months, the rest of the family including Mary united with the faith.

Mary, her daughter Patience, and her two daughters-in-law Sarah and Elizabeth, contributed twenty four yards of woven checked cloth for the building of the meeting house.[2]




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[2] 1791, Harvard Shaker Manifest Journal, 1791-1806, from the Shaker Manuscript Collection at Fruitlands Museum, Harvard, MA 01451.




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