Elizabeth Robinson

A Short Biography: Elizabeth Robinson, Harvard Shaker  (1740-1819)

by Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


Elizabeth Robinson, with her sons John and Oliver, was one of a significant number of Harvard Shakers from Petersham, and who were witness to the abuse Mother Ann and the Elders suffered there.[1]  Her son John untied with the Shirley Shakers, while her son Oliver served in second place as a Harvard Church family elder, and later as first elder North family until his death in 1838.[2]

The following is an example of the healing gift that was possessed by Mother Ann and the Elders:

Mother laid her hand on Elizabeth’s throat , and the swelling went away, and her throat was healed. Mother said, “When you are bitten by the flying serpent, you must look upon the brazen serpent to be healed; and let your words be few, and seasoned with grace.“[3]




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