Elizabeth Crouch

A Short Biography: Elizabeth Crouch, Harvard Shaker   (1751-1813)

By Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


Elizabeth Crouch was one of the daughters of Mary and David Crouch.[1] After her sister Patience united with Mother Ann and the Elders in 1781, she joined the Shakers with the rest of her family.

The name, Elizabeth Crouch, is mentioned only a few times in early records, and is all too easy to confuse with her brother Jonathan’s wife, also named Elizabeth. Four Crouch women including an ‘Elizabeth’ contributed a total of “twenty-four yards of woven checked cloth, except the weaving” as consecrations for the building of the Meeting House in 1791.[2] ‘Elizabeth’ could be either Jonathan’s sister or wife. Ten years later the records mention a ‘Betty’ Crouch, perhaps Jonathan’s sister, that ‘came under the care of the Church in 1801’, with the Widow Crouch, and moved back and forth between the Square House and the Yellow House in the following decade.[3]

Elizabeth Crouch died at the Square House in 1813.



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