David Crouch

A Short Biography:  David Crouch, Harvard Shaker   (1725-1793)

By Roben Campbell, Shaker researcher


David Crouch and his wife Mary raised a large family in Harvard, six of whom became staunch supporters of the Shakers faith:  David Jr., Jonathan, Mary Ester, Patience, Caleb, Moses, from oldest to youngest. Their youngest daughter Patience was the first to embrace the faith at the young age of fifteen soon after Mother Ann arrived in 1781.[1]

David and three of his sons, David Jr., Caleb, and Jonathan, were among the twenty-nine Harvard Shakers who signed the petition to build a Meeting House in 1790,[2] and David with his wife Mary made small contributions of cash to pay for the cost of the Meeting House.



[1] From the testimony of Patience Crouch, written on July 14th, 1826, the Shaker Manuscript Collection at the Western Reserve Historical Society, Part VI Testimonies and Biographies, Section A, number 8, WRHS.VI.A.8, Cleveland. Ohio.

[2] Harvard Church Record Book, from the Shaker Manuscript Collection at the Museum and Library, Old Chatham, New York.



All rights reserved. © Roben Campbell, 2016.

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