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Miss Elvira L. Scorgie dedicated a significant part of her life to the research of history and genealogy of Harvard. She was a member of the Harvard Historical Society for many years and served as the Society Historian and Genealogist.

She is remembered especially for her walks around Harvard of which she had many all sufficiently narrated with much history, anecdotes and some personal notes. There are few areas of Harvard that her walks did not cover. She was very athletic throughout much of her life especially in her youth, so her walks were typically quick paced and covered some miles.

Miss Scorgie was born on March 9, 1887 and died in April 1993 at the age of 103. A memorial in her honor was held in the summer of 1993 at the Unitarian Church.

The key attributes of a historical walk are the lessons in history of course and the role that certain buildings and sites played in that history. But always, these stories include our ‘historic citizens’… good citizens who loved Harvard and who  figured prominently in its history.

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The Historical Commission advocates such a program. A historical walk consists of a list or map of the historical locations and a description of the significance of those locations to the history of Harvard. By definition, at least two of the focal points of the historical walks will be the historic districts.


(Note: The underlined walks are developed.)

harvard map2 historic areas

To organize our Walks Program,  the historic districts, whether local or national along with a collection of individual historic properties are grouped by HISTORIC LOCATION as shown in the map on the right.

The Historic Locations which include all historic properties (over 100 years of age) in the grouping are defined as follows:

STILL RIVER VILLAGE:  Includes the Fruitlands Historic District and Museum, the Still River Baptist Church and all historic properties along Still River Road (152 – 389), West Bare Hill Road (204),  Still River Depot Road, Prospect Hill Road (32 – 198), and Madigan Lane.

HARVARD VILLAGE:  Includes the Harvard Center National Historic District and the Harvard Common Local Historic District:   Ayer Road (up to 27), Bolton Road (up to 42), Cross Street (all), Elm Street (all), Fairbank Street (up to 28), Littleton Road (up to 15), Lovers Lane (up to 15), Massachusetts Avenue (up to 39), Oak Hill Road (up to 40), Old Boston Road (all), Old Littleton Road (up to 15), Pond Road (4), Still River Road (up to 21), and Warren Avenue (TBD).

The tour begins at the Top of the Common on Elm Street for the Hildreth House, the Pound, the Powder House, the Town Hall, the Unitarian Church. Then going north to 27 Ayer road and returning south for the Town House then to Fairbank Street then to 15 Littleton Road. Returning to Fairbank Street for the Old Library then to 15 Old Littleton Road and returning to Fairbank Street. Then up to 40 Oak Hill Road and returning via Old Boston Road and Fairbank Street to Still River Road for the Common, the General Store, the Congregational Church, St Theresa’s Catholic Church and going west to 21 Still River Road. Then returning to Massachusetts Avenue for the Center Cemetery, the Old Bromfield School, the Bromfield School Principal’s House going up to 39 Mass Ave.

SHAKER VILLAGE:  Includes all properties in the Shaker Village Local Historic District, including the Shaker Cemetery, Holy Hill, the family locations (North Family, Church Family, South Family and Easts Family) and the Shaker Spring House.

PRESCOTT’S MILL:  Includes properties on Old Mill Road (22 – 80) and the Old Mill Pond including the site of the Old Mill and the dam and water gates.

FORT DEVENS:  Includes all properties in the Devens Historic District.

In addition to the tours for each Historic Location, we will also organize walks for several topics:

  • Our Cemeteries and Ancestors
  • Bridle Paths, Turnpikes and Old County Roads
  • Bare Hill Pond and Its Islands
  • Our Libraries:  Social ,  Free Circulating , Town Public
  • Churches of Harvard:  Its Ministers and Meetinghouses
  • Old Mill Sites and Industry
  • The Five Hills of Harvard: Prospect Hill, Pin Hill, Bare Hill, Oak Hill and Shaker Hill

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