title movers shakers

The following names figure prominently in the history of Harvard.

Alcott, Amos Bronson:  teacher, writer and Transcendentalist, Fruitlands founder
Alcott, Louisa May: – novelist, daughter of Amos Alcott
Babbitt, Tabitha – Shaker tool maker, inventory of circular saw
Blanchard, Mrs. Margaret Bromfield – Founder of Bromfield School in Harvard
Bromfield, Colonel Henry – Merchant, resident since 1765.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo –  American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement in Harvard
Emerson, Rev William  minister and father of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fannie Farmer – cookbook author
Feeney, Rev Father Leonard Edward – controversial Jesuit priest
Hapgood, Warren – 
Houghton, James – 
Houghton, Sr., Ralph – 
Houghton, Jr., Ralph – 
Hutchins, William – 
Ireland, Shadrach – religious leader
Lane, Charles – Transcendentalist, Fruitlands founder
Lee, Mother Ann – Shaker founder
Mead, Samuel – 
Othello – Faithful servant of Colonel Henry Bromfield
Palmer, Joseph – Transcendentalist
Parker, Dr. Isaiah – 
Pollard, Capt Thaddeus – 
Prescott, Jonas – 
Prescott, John – Founder of Lancaster, built first building, a mill on Old Mill Pond in Harvard in 1686
Priest, Jr., John – 
Robbins, Ephraim – 
Sawyer, Caleb – 
Sawyer, Hannah – 
Sears, Miss Clara Endicott – founder of Fruitlands Museum
Seccomb, Rev John – 
Willard, Major Simon – 
Thoreau, Henry David – 
Warner, John – 
Warren, Fiske – supporter of the single tax system
Willard, Hezekiah – 
Willard, Isaac – 
Whitney, William Channing – architect

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