295oldlittleton (7)A huge question about the Historical Commission’s five year plan for the preservation of our historic and cultural resources assumes that the people of Harvard will volunteer to do this work.  We did admit to the Selectmen when we briefed them on our plan in August that our plan is really an experiment. It’s an experiment to see if volunteerism is still alive in Harvard.

Well, we rolled out our ‘Town of Harvard Historic Building Survey of 2015’ this week with the first phase which is the photography task.  We called on four volunteers to photograph the 265 private historic buildings and about 10 municipal historic buildings in town. In a matter of a few days, we had our four volunteers who would photograph at least 60 buildings and a week or two later on November 2nd… this past Monday, they started.

Today, six days later, two of the photographers have completed their assignment, one is almost finished and the fourth (myself) has not yet started. (I’m waiting for all of the leaves to fall. 🙂 )

recruit adElizabeth Curry, Loretta Espey, and Lynn Cooke. Thank you all for volunteering and being part of the Historical Commission Staff volunteers.

But of course, there are other volunteers who have been working on this project for more than one year now:  Susan Lee, our Historian and Researcher who does all of the historic research on our buildings, their owners and builders. Sally Dancause, our Database Operations lady who has been furiously transcribing and migrating all of our existing hard-copy records in our Local Register on to our new computer-based database.

And this says nothing at all about our Commissioners who have taken on additional duties, like Commissioner Pam Marston who leads the Historic House Marker Program… a program that recently exploded with the phenomenal interests of our town residents. Other Commissioners like David Vannicola, Rick Veltri, Moe Dancause who have been working with our residents who want to repair/restore their historic homes in our Historic Districts.

To the town’s credit, the volunteers keep coming. Most recently, Scott Roy was sworn in by our Town Clerk, Janet Vellante. I think that you will be hearing from Scott soon on our blog. He will be a new voice… which I must say myself, will be refreshing.

So, yes, a huge THANK YOU, HARVARD for your generosity and your sense of civic duty in keeping volunteerism alive.

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