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For the past 3-4 years, our Department of Public Works has not had to maintain the Shaker Village Cemetery because we were always doing something there with heavy equipment. But now that the heavy work is done, we need DPW to get back to work mowing the Shaker cemetery, weed-cutting around the burial markers, blowing the stone wall and cutting any tree saplings that come up in the cemetery itself and around the cemetery. Basically, we just need to keep the cemetery clean for our researchers, visitors and tourists.

So, we’re making an appeal to our DPW, IT’S TIME TO MOW THE SHAKER CEMETERY AGAIN. We did agree with them that they don’t need to keep it manicured down to 2-3 inches as they do in the other cemeteries. Four to five inches would be fine.  But three foot grass is getting ridiculous!

Regardless of how much work our volunteers put into this historic property, this appearance of neglect takes away from that effort.


2 thoughts on “DPW, IT’S TIME TO MOW!

  1. Not to change the subject as I agree the Shaker Cemetary needs attention but other historical sites also need attention by town officials. As an example the first center fire station built in 1921 has lacked maintenance for several years. The heating system is in complete failure making the building restricted in use. Buildings continue to deteriorate without heat. I would hope the Historic Commission would also look after this jewel of Harvard History..


    • We agree, Peter. Our Town Hall is the most infamous testimony of your point. The town management does not track the needs of its properties, historic or otherwise. The Historical Commission has decided to do its part to at least inform the town management of the needs and where they exist. Take a look at our draft “Briefing to BOS on HHC Plans” /https://hhcommission.wordpress.com/commissioners-page/, on pages 6 and 7. We are instituting a program to conduct ‘Property Conditiion Assessments’ on all historic properties (listed on page 16 of the briefing).This report will be distributed to the Selectmen, town administration and the public on our website every year. We are on the BOS’ agenda for September 8.


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