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No, I am not talking about the Town Hall.  It is the area around the old Powder House and the Pound; an area somewhat ignored and neglected.

Three weeks ago, the Cemetery Commission and Historical Commission met with Rich Nota (DPW) and his crew to discuss the maintenance of the Shaker Village Cemetery. At the end of my review of that work, I mentioned that another area that sorely needed attention was the area around the old Powder House and the Town Pound, which has been called the ‘Top of the Common’. It is part of the Common which also has some history attached to it.

At around the same time, I coincidentally received a call from Kathy Jackson to say that the Garden Club was thinking about doing something in that area but that it was so bad, they were overwhelmed at the thought of the work. She wondered whether the Historical Commission may have had some thoughts to improve the area as part of their restoration of the Powder House. In fact, the HHC had noted the fact that the area has been so ignored that not many people know that the Powder House is there and even fewer know of the Town Pound and what its purpose was in earlier years.

The next days after our meeting with the DPW team, their foreman, Ron with his crew were hard at work in the area taking out brush, cutting trees and in general, cleaning up the area. As you can see in this video, it’s beginning to look good.

(For best viewing, click the HD icon in the top right corner of your video, and the FULL SCREEN icon in the lower right corner.)

By the way, doesn’t that Powder House look good?


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