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A PROPOSAL: Historic Place of the Month…

Our charter to preserve our historic assets includes educating ourselves and the town on those historic assets. It is also our responsibility to know the condition of those assets as time progresses.


THE JONATHAN SYMONDS HOUSE, 15 Old Littleton Road. Built by Symonds (ca 1800), a prominant public servant to the town during the Revolution and early national periods. Later, the home of Walt and Ira Harris in the 1940’s; very generous contributors to historical preservation in Harvard. The Historic House marker gives the date built as 1778.  JR.Theriault Photo 2012.  (Click to enlarge.)

FOLLOWA program that would support both of these goals would be one that would focus on a historic place each month. We could perhaps begin with the oldest and continue down the list of our many historic assets. You will notice that a new list has been added to the right sidebar of our blog titled ‘HISTORIC PLACE OF THE MONTH‘ (look to the right sidebar as you scroll down) and it continues by listing a historic asset for each month of the year. Sometime around the beginning of the month, we would publish a posting that would present the history of that asset and would include the photos that we currently have in the Inventory Records of our Local Register of Historic Places.

1993 Photograph.

Symonds House, Local Register Photograph 1993.  (Click to enlarge.)

To make the activity even more interesting, we could invite the photographers of Harvard to submit photos of the historic asset. We would of course advise the owners of the historic place and would limit the photographers to take their photos only from the public ways.  In presenting the photos, the photographers would of course get a favorable mention in town and the Commission would gain some wonderful additions to our Photo Archive of the town’s assets as well as a better understanding and appreciation of our historic gems.

Let’s think about it and we will bring it up at our next meeting to see if this is something we think is worth doing. In the meantime, the list of ‘Historic Places of the Month’ on our website will at least continue to raise our awareness.

And, if some of Harvard’s Photographers would like to submit their photographs of the month’s Historic Place, we would certainly welcome their entries. These photos will certainly take up a prominent place on our website, in our other communications at least during that month and would become part of our Photo Archive on our historic assets. We begin in March with the Old Mill Stone on the Common, our oldest historical asset.

We welcome ideas, thoughts and comments for our visitors!

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